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Re: Archer-Class Interior

I worked up those deck plans just as a general guide for the writers. They weren't intended for publication so have just minimal detail. I didn't account for every bit of gear because doing so wasn't necessary for the writers. However, we must assume that everything needed was present because Archer seemed to function OK in the Vanguard novels. USS Enterprise, as seen on TV, works in the same way.

Also, Archer was described (in the first book) before she was designed (for the second book). Because of time constraints, I adapted one of my earlier designs from my website, shrunk it down, and tried to make the interior match the description in the book. So, Archer was designed backwards and outside-in.

(Regarding the people appearing smaller than normal, they're 5 feet 5 inches tall. That's normal, for me at least. I'm usually around that height.)

The guy who designs the deck plans for the ships my website (The Starfleet Museum) also did some detailed deck plans for Archer/Sagittarius but they weren't published, for reasons I won't go in to. I don't know if they'll ever be released.
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