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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

OneBuckFilms wrote: View Post
The Federation's highest laws, and this dates back to Kirk in TOS at least, states that "your world is yours".
But in Friday's Child, Kirk was talking to an indigenous people, about their own planet. If the Capellans were only 600 people from another planet, would Kirk have said the same? Unlikely.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
They weren't Federation members.
I don't think anyone is arguing that the Baku are Federation Members.

But the Federation had no right to move them in the first place.
Well, if the Federation and the Sona wanted to be nasty about it, the could have left the Baku and let them die.

can the Federation just swoop onto an inhabiated planet and take what they want?
Kirk: "But you have the ryetalyn that we need. If necessary, we'll take it."

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