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Re: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Probably my favorite tv comedy of all time. I can't really believe how unnoticed it goes. It has slipped under the radar for years. I can't tell you how many times someone has said "What's it about?" & I have to think of a dumbed down way to describe it.

My answer? "Imagine Seinfeld, but instead of wacky goofballs wrapped up in madcap antics, the cast is psychotic narcissists, lacking any shred of decency, who are routinely engaged in the most heinous & offensive plots imaginable. Now imagine it's hilarious"

We should start a list of the worst things they've ever done. Tried to sell a dumpster baby & were party to the death of a crack whore top my list

Oh yeah... & the child beauty pageant. OMFG
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