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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

I've seen a few professional reviews that seemed off, like they were repeating from a script. That script is that Oblivion is totally derivative. This may seem plausible except that if you've seen Oblivion you haven't seen much of the movies it's supposedly ripping off.

On the other hand there are some things really are wrong with it. The most notable is a scenic design that goes for the "Wow! Cool!" but forgets that the viewer doesn't lapse into unconsciousness. There is no way that these landscapes could possibly exist. And the only way for even "mindwiped" people to live the decor in the tower apartments is if they are mindwiped at least weekly. I attribute this to coming from a comic book format, where readers are accustomed to assuming that a cool still picture is somehow part of a living reality, instead of seeing it. And the blankness of the female characters probably comes from the comic books too.

Despite the action sequences (mostly well done, not too much boring invulnerability,) however, the movie is fundamentally powered by True Love. Even worse, there is heroism instead of bad assery. For me that makes it an enjoyable experience. I expect that it means the movie will be a disappointment for the studio. (And if the reviewers have anything to do with it, a bomb.)
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