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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

A few comments on the above.
  1. Re the argument that the originals are not gone. For a lot of people they are. Go to syndication or Netflix and watch a TOS episode and you dont have the option to see the originals. So, unless you are willing to shell out money to own bluray discs, you can't watch the originals any more.
  2. Re if some of the effects in remastered are closer to what the producers originally wanted. No way of knowing. Sure, Justman gave his blessing, but that doesn't mean the specifics of the shots are closer to the original intent. After all, as has been pointed out numerous times, some of the remastered effects and other fixes actually introduced other errors.
  3. Re Spockboy's impressive CGI replacement of the bridge as a model of how far they could go. Interesting but utterly impractical.
  4. Finally, the big fault of the remastered effects is that they frequently demonstrate that the new effects team didn't understand basic cinematography. Example: the battle sequence in Elaan of Troyius is a complete mess in terms of basic (and I mean Film Composition 101) directional continuity.
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