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Re: "What You Leave Behind" Line-by-Line

Is it me or has this game descended to a cut and paste job from Chrissie's Transcripts and other such sites? How many people are taking the time to actually look up the episode, pull out their DVD's, or look to see if they can find the episodes online somewhere?

Hell, some people don't check the accuracy of what the transcripts say, or that the stage notes made are correct. I really noticed how people are just copying what they see at Chrissie's Transcripts when we did The High Ground. When the Ansata went to Engineering the staging in the transcript did not match the staging in the episode.

So I'm asking, has this become a game, or merely a cut and paste job?

I, for one, took the time to find the episodes and write out my own transcript. It wasn't perfect and some times I was only a few lines ahead of the pace of the posting, but I did keep writing my own transcripts. I don't have all the episodes or DVD's for all the series, but I did my best to find the episodes. If I couldn't find the full episode online I'd find a piece of the episode on Youtube and hope I get the line in at the right time. In other words I worked for my posts.

For me this is no longer a game, just a cut and paste job.

Any thoughts on this? Am I right? Am I wrong?
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