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Re: Ryva Takes On Enterprise (Again)


Well. That sure was a thing I just watched.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "Unexpected" was prooobably Enterprise's "Threshold". Wow. I don't know where to begin. Seriously, help me out here, guys.

Okay. This may be a little incoherent, but here we go.

So Trip gets pregnant from a "game". Uhh, NO. That was no game. That lizard chick raped him, and we all know it. So why is Trip the object of everyone's derision here? He's obviously the victim in this situation. But instead, it's played for laughs. To add insult to injury, T'Pol has the gall to berate him for "sticking his hands where they don't belong." (Or some crap. I can't remember the exact line.) And right after she told him to be diplomatic and not offend the aliens. What?? She's such a hypocrite. There is no logical reason for her to be so bitchy in this episode.

And a holodeck? So soon? Wow, Berman and Braga just couldn't resist, could they? Also, why has communicating with other species suddenly become so easy? Two episodes ago, Hoshi had a near-meltdown trying to overcome this problem, and now the translator only has to hear five words of an alien language, and presto! No more problem. So much for that potentially interesting plot line.

And then there's the Klingons. They almost felt like an afterthought, didn't they? It's like B&B had five extra minutes left over when they wrote the script and said, "Hey, why don't we throw in some Klingons?"

Oy vey. All right, here are some things I liked about this episode. Well, two things. One: the sequence when Trip first stepped into the Xyrillians' shagadelic plant parlor. His disorientation and difficulty adjusting to the ship was a nice touch. On most sci-fi shows, boarding an alien vessel is no big deal. I liked that this was a more complex, confusing affair.

Two: Connor Trinneer's performance. Even though this was a ridiculous episode, I enjoyed his acting. His facial expressions were especially hilarious.

That's all I got. Thank God it's over.
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