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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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Coming in late to this thread, but it does demonstrate exactly my problem with modern TOS revisionists. A ring corridor in the secondary hull! This automatically is one reason why FJ's blueprints are more plausible: because he exercised what's called common sense and plausibility. He was also an aerospace draftsman.

I mean, if you take this Deck 14 line of thought one step further you'd might as well accept the turbo shaft scene in ST V and rebuild the entire Enterprise with 79 decks, and Deck 1 being at the very bottom of the secondary hull.

Ring corridors belong in the primary hull. Period. They are shaped that way for a reason.
I find the label of Modern Revisionism very interesting. How modern is "modern"? As has been pointed out, TOS frequently depicted scenes in/near Engineering and the Shuttlebay, which predates everything!
Personally, I've been working on a similarly project for around 15 years (and I think Robert Consol has been at it a while longer).

A decade after the original series aired, FJ released his plans. He took his design in one direction, one that has led to some criticising his work as a "floating hotel" due to all the bedrooms. I do like his design and layout of the corridors and turbolift network, but in truth it has little in common with what we saw week after week on our TV screens (and arguably, different to what Matt Joseph had in mind when he first designed Big E).

If I was getting nitpicky, I might also feel tempted to mention the swimming pool behind the main deflector dish or the lack of structural elements throughout.
If I was getting nitpicky

As for Star Trek 5? Different ship - and maybe her decks do start at the bottom...
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