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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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BillJ, I think Klingon ownership / transfer of ownership of the briar patch in general, does not change the relevent fact of the Baku's claim or their long history of ownership.

Obviously the Klingons did not kick them out, and may not have even knew they existed, otherwise, their world would look very, very different.

The Federation's highest laws, and this dates back to Kirk in TOS at least, states that "your world is yours".

The Federation is an alliance for the mutual benefit of member worlds, much more like the United Nations than the Roman Empire.

even if the planet was definitively shown to be the Baku's, it doesn't really help their situation. It wouldn't prevent the Federation from negotiating with them for removal, and it certainly wouldn't obligate the Federation to DEFEND them from pretty much EVERY major power that's going to try to take it from them after the events of STIX.

What's to stop the Federation Council from saying "yeah it's yours, good luck defending it, tiny village of pacifist Luddites!"
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