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Re: Enterprise D hull question

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I figured you had not looked in your thread in a while and thought I'd give you a nudge

The "excerpt" blueprint cross section suggests a much thinner hull thickness though. Out of curiosity, where are you measuring it?
Deck 10 on the port side. I picked a representative segment to measure. It's not uniform, though. If you look at the aft section, the hull gets noticeably thicker than that...

I'm assuming the empty gap surrounding the rim of the saucer (and the lines on either side) represent the hull itself. In terms of the blueprints, that gives me plenty of room to play...

Actually, now that I think of it, 5 meters of spacing is more than an entire deck height, so it is feasible to exclude the entire thickness of the primary frame from the hull thickness... But I think you'd still have to include the secondary frame, so I don't see that you could make the hull only one foot thick at it's thinnest. Two feet seems feasible, though.

Ok. So maybe I'm agreeing in the end on a thinner hull. I just took the long way to get there.
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