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Re: Silliness from Saudi Arabia

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Unless you're at the airport and you happen to have a poppy seed clinging to your shoe. Linky
There are a few horror stories. It's not like the US doesn't have them too.
Our TSA people may not be saints, but at least we don't arrest people for having .00005 ounces of drugs clinging to their clothes, or call somebody a "drugs baroness" for having taken perfectly legal over-the-counter medicine which happened to have Codeine in it, or for having eaten a fucking poppyseed bun at a cafe at Heathrow several hours before, or (while doing any of these things) force them to sign documents written exclusively in Arabic while screaming at them IN Arabic and not giving them access to, oh you know, an attorney or even a consular official.

Rant over.
You have a skewed perception of the UAE. Those things are not normal.

Which isn't to say you shouldn't be mindful of their particular hangups if you go, of course. A little caution is fine. But by and large it's a very tourist-friendly country.
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