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Re: What is "canon?"

Forbin wrote: View Post
^Not to mention human Borg who claim to have been assimilated at Wold 359 - by the cube that blew up over Earth?
Yeah, that one makes no sense. How can it be canon, when the situation is impossible?

How did the Voyager script ever get past that obstacle?

DonIago wrote: View Post
It's entirely possible they sent a sphere back towards Borg space, but I'll be the first to admit that sounds like a weak rationalization being brought in after the fact.
Its a fair explanation, but its too bad they didn't show that happening. All the scenes said the cube headed straight for earth.

I always wondered if Voyager had lost it when they did the episodes with the assimilated humans--and Klingons....and Romulans...and Ferengi wtf? .

R. Star wrote: View Post
You humans think in such three dimensional terms!

It's a canon explanation!
Wasn't that an explanation of how she survived the first explosion?
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