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Re: Archer-Class Interior

Ah, but either way a typical shuttlecraft is basically a fully functional, FTL starship with all the basic bells and whistles to travel in space. So it means that everything from grav generators to life support to SIF/IDF fields to shield generators must be contained within its volume; judging by this, none of this key technology can take up too much space on even the TOS shuttles. Assuming that this is at best a proportional scaling up to a ship the size of the Archer, all the stuff listed in the OP should be neatly tucked away in very little of the total volume of the ship to have "the basics" covered. IMO, this leaves more than enough usable space for other stuff. OTOH, a ship like this finally gives an excuse to work on a plot point in Engineering or the mess hall instead of a dedicated lab!

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