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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

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I remember that an early version of Auto Cad came with a Constitution class sample file but the history on it escapes me. When I was studying drafting during the late 80ies the Unigraphics system we were learning about had a Constitution class sample drawing in its sample Files. I Kit bashed quite a few Franz Josephs ships and Plotted them to hard copy. only 3 copies existed One copy went to my Drafting Instuctor for his son, another went to a friend who helped me on those lunch hours and I have the third copy.

Looking at the both pictures its looks somewhat Like the Unigraphics file

Could you get an over all view of the picture

Very nice what I can see
That probably explains the origin of the plotter-print of the Conny someone found when they cleaned out our CAD section here.
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