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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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I think you completely missed my point, which ain't about TREK at all; it is about ANY creative piece of work. You can put it out there to acclaim or disdain or whatever response it happens to engender, but that is the work, like it or not. This 'hey let's give this thing these other guys did another bash' notion invalidates and diminishes.
No it's not. How many changes does any given piece of art (especially something collaborative like TV) go through before we actually see it?

By your standard, we should've gotten Captain Winter with his red-skinned Martian First Officer and Luke Starkiller.
Is anybody actually READING what is written here?

A completed piece of work is a thing apart from a premise or outline for a piece of work, just like a Syd Mead sketch is far different (and not really even a thing unto itself, except as a building block toward a greater end) than when he is done with the finished piece of art using gouache or watercolor or whatever.

You're talking about a point in a process, instead of the endpoint. You can cut somebody off a screenplay and bring somebody else in to rewrite, and that is still part of the PROCESS. When it's done and presented, THAT is when you stop messing with it. Why? BECAUSE it is done.

I think maybe you're confusing the notion of art & creativity in the real universe with some quantum reality all-possibilities-exist thing. Can't see what other ground you'd have to crawl along to support that view. Well, then again, I do grant you have Ellison's version of CITY as its own thing apart from the ep. But that's because he made that available as a complete thing unto itself, APART from the original, and at the same time, and it was in the public eye. He didn't wait 20 years to rewrite what he'd done and then put it out there for comparison.
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