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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Eventually there would have become a point where if they had not remastered TOS into HD, TV stations would have stopped buying them. Maybe not today, maybe not in 5 or 10 years but at one point in the future. So some fans of it today might not like it, but is it not better to preserve it so that future generations can enjoy it.
Hang on a second there, on that thought...
First off, I've nothing against remastering TOS... You know, as in Preserving the Original episodes in an Unaltered form...

What we actually have here is ripped out filmed model footage and substituted CGI cartoons for space vessels, changing visual FX shots, doing Gene-knows-what to matte paintings...
It's Evil! I can feel it in my bones...

But to say that people won't watch something because it's not HD pretty much nails it for me about today's generation... You know, I came across some kids who refused to watch anything in B&W... It makes me wonder if the next generation will demand everything to be in 3-D to be watched and to be enjoyed...

I know the arguments: It's necessary to keep up with the changing times and all that... ("This isn't your father's Star Trek" "Star Trek NEEDED to be rebooted").
These guys called Fans kept TOS (and yeah, let's focus strictly on TOS, no need to add-in any spinoffs!) Alive for Decades without any Need to Remake it in any way, shape, or form... Because Trek was first and foremost about Ideas, with FX just being an added swirl of icing on the cake... That's pretty much the inverse of Star Wars and all that it spawned... Again, it all comes down to money and milking the fans... There's obviously no lows low enough for TPTB to descend to, so 3-D-ing TOS will be my next prediction... If not a 2.0 TOS-R with "forehead" Klingons and Romulans, streaking warp star FX, the Gorn transformed into Godzilla, Jr., CGI-hyperactive viewscreens and clipboards everywhere, and Uhura hauling around a CGI pet tribble on her shoulder (if they can come to some financial arrangement with David Gerrold)... In fact, why not CGI-enhance Uhura's breasts too, while they're at it! Or if they can Canonize TAS, replace Uhura entirely with a CGI M'Ress! Meow! Or tie ST V's kitten into That and give her an Extra one!
And let's dump-in Scotty's token alien midget pal from Abramstrek for continuity with That film, to liven-up the Engineering deck!

OK, I'm calming down now...
Well it is true that some of the new CGI effects could have been better. And you CAN have the original unaltered episodes on the blu-ray box set. So what's the problem if you want the original you can have it, if you want the updated version you can have that as well.

If a film/TV show interests me I'll watch it in B&W, colour or 3D. As for generational issues, you'll never get away from that. Music was better when I was a kid etc... Do I like all of today's music, no do I like all of the music when I was younger, no.

Yes I grew up on re-runs of TOS, and I'll happily watch either the original or re-mastered version. Makes no difference to me, I think some of the effects added to the original SW trilogy improved it. i.e the vistas of cloud city you could see from the corridoors.

Paramount/CBS etc.. are in the buinsess of making money, and ST is a valuable property to them. If remastering them means the difference between continuing to sell the show to air around the world or not selling them. I know which I would do as a manager, spend the money remastering to ensure it continues to generate a revenue stream for decades to come, long after the people who don't like it have died.
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