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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Greeting, I am Farein Tierceilus, the Chief Engineering Officer of the RIS Aylhr. The Aylhr is my ship, a cruiser in the Romulan Imperial Navy. Commanded by Senior Centurion Jaeih t'Khellian, the Aylhr is on a mission to investigate the rebellious outer system Lords. With the Federation looking to regain lost territory and the Klingons forever out for blood, the fate of the Empire is grim.

The Aylhr is a play by email roleplaying game set in the Star Trek universe. We explore the Romulan Empire as a ship in its proud navy. Part of the UCIP Internet group of Role Playing Games, with Federation & Klingon Games (To name a few!) The fate of the Aylhr and the Empire itself is in the hands of its crew. Each decides what happens to his or her character.

Do you have what it takes to role play with the Best?

The Aylhr is always on the look out for other roleplayers to join their adventures. To view the positions available, and much more information, please visit our Website at

Or email our captain
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