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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

say you Hate something when the Majority state they Love it is a major No-No in places like this.
Eh, I've been there. No need to take it personally when people disagree with you. Even though it is sometimes annoying.
THAT'S GONE NOW TOO, thanks to TOS-R...
It's not gone! You just press the button on the remote to switch between old and new, or watch the old pre-remaster DVDs or videos. I love the old Best of Treks too (in fact it was a certain somebody's Fandom Star Trek Chronology which pointed me to them in the first place, I've since managed to collect all but #17), IMO nothing has been lost or deleted or invalidated.

But what about what was gained? I'm not a big fan of TOS-R, but some of the new CG backgrounds are beautiful. Maybe it looked that way, maybe it looked this way. Why does one version have to reign supreme over the other?
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