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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

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Memory Alpha seems to support this theory guys;

"Star Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci (in a post on Ain't It Cool News [3] as well as in an interview with Star Trek Magazine[4]) and J.J. Abrams (in an interview with MTV, conducted between the two aforementioned statements from Orci [5]) established a reason why technology in the alternate reality appears to be more advanced than it is during the same period in the prime reality; scans of the 24th century Narada, taken by the Kelvin, were brought back to Starfleet by the survivors on the Kelvin's shuttles."
Perhaps. But I honestly hate explanations like this that seek to "explain" why the special effects from the 1960s doesn't match our current view of the future. It's almost the same as Klingon ridges.

As Roddenberry said: "What do you mean? It always looked like that." Seems easier to accept.
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