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Re: Just dying for a Rendezvous with Rama movie!

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Sounds like a description of Clarke's 2001. Sure worked fine there, even though the novel and film are very much separate entities.

eh, YMMV

I think 2001 is probably the most overrated sci-fi movie of all time. I like quiet, intelligent sci-fi as much as the next person(bladerunner, contact, gattaca, etc.) but 2001 is self-indulgent and tedious, and I think "rendezvous" is tedious as well. I got through it but thought it was a slog.
You lost me at "I think 2001 is ..."

As for indulgent, I'm afraid I only ever apply that word to misuse of lens flare and the wholesale, needless blunting of real color, which are, outside of bad storytelling, the principal movie sins of this century, and have worked wonders to keep me out of movie theaters.

I've seen 2001 more times than any other movie on laserdisc and DVD, plus over 20 times in the theater, and I've been privy to about 750,000 words of interview transcripts, of which only a fraction were published. So I really do know a lot about what is wrong with the movie (mostly stuff that is evident from a single viewing, the additional info merely confirms) ... and you know what? None of it matters in the slightest, because that motherfucker is one TRANSCENDENT goddamn experience.

to each their own. If I wanted a visual artistic experience I'd go to an art museum. If I wanted to listen to classical music, I'd do that.
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