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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

For what it's worth, John Hurt's character seems to be wearing the costume that Moffat originally intended for Matt Smith- or one very similar...

In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat revealed that the Eleventh Doctor had an entirely different costume until close to the start of filming. The original look had a swashbuckling feel which Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spilsbury described as "a little like something Captain Jack Sparrow wears in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies". However, Matt Smith was unhappy with the costume as he felt it reflected how someone else would dress the Doctor, rather than how the Doctor would dress himself. Smith also mentioned in a 2012 interview that his Doctor was going to have a "very long black leather jacket, but it was too Matrix-style".[28] The eventual costume, in particular the bow-tie, was influenced by Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor, after Matt Smith fell in love with the Troughton story The Tomb of the Cybermen. Wikipedia
“We had actually decided on a look previously that was a little more Jack Sparrow-y, really, a little more pirate-y with a long black leather coat,” [Matt Smith] said. “But I was always keen that there was an element of the professor to come through and I think what the bow tie and the tweed jacket do is lend themselves to that.” Link
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