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Re: Is J.J. Abams "Star Trek" Sustainable?

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Yes, but even the bad ones held onto what Trek is: a cerebral science fiction series for people who like to think.
Let me summarize how "cerebral" each and every Trek movie 1 through 10 was:

- TMP: Aliens are hard to understand, maybe shooting at them isn't the best first reaction.
- Wrath of Khan: Seeking vengeance leads to nothing good. Basically Moby Dick in space, but with an aging subplot.
- Search for Spock: Man playing God, science gone amok.
- The Voyage Home: Environmentalism.
- The Final Frontier: Televangelists are bad.
- The Undiscovered Country: Racism is bad.
- Generations: Honestly, I don't even know.
- First Contact: Moby dick, again.
- Insurrection: Placating the majority at the expense of the minority is bad.
- Nemesis: Nature vs. Nurture.

None, literally none of these concepts are difficult to grasp if you're above the age of 10. Just because concept is worth understanding and building a story around doesn't make it particularly deep, or revelatory.

No, when the TOS and TNG movies were at their best were when the characters came face to face with their own mortality, and when they learned a thing or two about their place in the cosmos. This is something that ST09 had as well, while simultaneously dispensing with the pointless and transparent so-called "cerebral" elements that were never all that cerebral to begin with.

Actually, the message of Generations is that aging and dealing with mortality is not bad, and is a part of our existence that we have to deal with.
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