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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I enjoyed it. I liked most of the characters, I enjoyed the diversity, and while the story was predictable it was mostly there to introduce the key players and future storylines. But that last part is true of most pilots, so I don't see why people are harshing on that particular bit.
True -- pilots are often weakly written compared to what follows. And frankly, given what a mess Rockne O'Bannon's Cult turned out to be, and given that I personally didn't think Farscape was all that good until David Kemper took over the writers' room from O'Bannon, I kinda suspect that the writing on the rest of the season may well be better now that O'Bannon's no longer involved. I really do feel he's overrated. Take away Farscape and there isn't anything really impressive on his resume.

It has the potential to develop into something great. I hope Syfy gives it that chance, but I'm not holding my breath. Why people even bother producing shows for some of these networks is beyond me...
Oh, I think Syfy is clearly committed to making this show work if at all possible. This is their gamble to put a big, prestigious show on the network again to follow in Galactica's footsteps. They've poured enormous amounts of money and effort into creating it and promoting it and into setting it up as this big multimedia franchise with the show and the MMO game and the website and Tumblr and everything. They wouldn't want to see all that effort and expense wasted.

Not to mention that the main thing that determines whether a show stays on the air is how much money it makes or loses. If the MMO is profitable, that helps underwrite the series and makes it easier for the network to afford to keep it on the air.
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