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Re: Recommended Viewing Order TV Shows and Movies

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InDon't bother with that teen angst movie erroneously called "Star Trek" from 2009.
There is more teen angst in the first five minutes of "Charlie X" than in the entire Star Trek movie.
Except that it's Properly integrated into a storyline intended for a more adult audience!

If Abrams had remade it, he'd have whole decks being blown out, phaser fights on the outer hull...all while the camera shakes and the lens flares! Plus with guaranteed dumbed-down dialogue, making Charlie Evans into a one-dimensional comic book villain character with no real explicable motivations for his actions... And Janice Rand really would be raped by him...

I came across a script online reportedly for Intro Darkness where Khan is a Taliban-like rogue... Not that much different...
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