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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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While it's true that Roddenberry liked the name Yorktown, the rest is pure conjecture, exaggeration, and is attributed to none other than Michael Okuda who also invented a wide range of NCC registries and ship classes for his encyclopedia, the year 2245 for the Enterprise's commissioning, and many other "facts" unsupported by a supposedly "canon" work that sticks to On Screen information.
What "canon" does the 2245 launch date not mesh with? Once TNG pinned down the year it was operating (2364) in The Neutral Zone, everything and everyone had to fall into line with it. Including the launch date of the Enterprise.

Plus, The Neutral Zone was overseen by Roddenberry.
How people love to oversimplify these things...
One could say the same about Data's "Class of 78" in "Encounter At Farpoint" just to pick one at random... That was also overseen by Roddenberry...
2245 was never stated on-screen therefore has no validity in an "encyclopedia" claiming to stick to on-screen facts... The same source gets worse and worse when you look at the various ship registries which were obviously invented for that book...
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