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Re: star trek into darkness action figures?

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I predict Star Trek ID will be forgotton pretty quickly and won't be the "hit" as Star Trek 2009

agree ?
Um, no. I think it's pretty clear from the buzz that this film is going to be even bigger than the 2009 film - it's going to be "The Dark Knight" to "Batman Begins" basically.

Come back in a few months and we'll all celebrate how successful the movie is (well, we'll still have some complaining that it's not real Trek because it has a woman in her bra and panties visible etc, but the rest of us will just celebrate what a blockbuster, entertaining, well-scripted and acted movie this was).
It'll do well here in the States, but I think the international market will dictate whether this is another The Dark Knight or if it ends up with numbers similar but slightly above Star Trek 2009.
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