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Re: Better movie idea than Nemesis

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I actually think the best thing that could've been done to improve Nemesis would have been to have Riker take command of the Titan at the beginning of the film,
Hmm, I quite like that idea.

Look, I like "Nemesis" but I'm sure it could be even better. I'd use the same basic plot e.g. Shinzon. I'd definitely lose B4 - give Brent Spiner another contractually-obligated sub plot.

I'd perhaps not have had the Romulans make Shinzon - his bitter self-loathing would make even more sense if he was a failed/shameful rogue HUMAN/Starfleet-led project who was then cast aside (would make his desire to destroy Earth more clear as well). He's spent the last several years raising an army (I like the look of the Remans, but keep 'em as a new funky alien race he's allied with, rather than linked with the Romulans) to finally secure the victory of 'the echo' over 'the voice'.

As for the OP's thoughts... this sounds dangerously like Spiner's dreadful "Justice League of Trek" idea, so my answer has to be no, no, no!
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