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Re: Enterprise D hull question

Thanks for that. I was the OP on that thread. Figured it was a dead question. Ignore it for a week or so and look what happens.

As an interesting FYI, I did rescale the Sternbach Deck 10 layout and it appears Rick drew the hull seven feet thick at the points where I measured it.

Seven feet???

Of course, I'm including the thickness of the inked lines in that, so seven feet is certainly too much.

As a sort of cross-check, the corridor clear width on deck 10 comes out to around 6.5 feet. Given that we design sidewalks at five feet to allow two people to comfortably pass, 6.5 feet seems reasonable, though maybe a bit narrow. That said, the blueprints appear to give me all the room I need for whatever I want to do (and I still have no idea what I'm going to do )
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