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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Exactly, especially when the limiting made no sense in the first place.
I thought one of the most hilarious moments of the series was when they went into "grey mode."

They don't have enough deuterium to keep the engines going, so they cut the lights & heat off as if that's going to save energy. Give me a bandaid, my arm's been ripped off.

The energy needed to replicate a cup of coffee or to keep life support on in a crewquarters is probably an infinitesimal fraction of the energy needed for the ship to go half impulse for five seconds.

Unfortunately the strange idea that loss of power for "life support" meant imminent danger to life was just as stupid, while being too tired to be unintentionally funny. The in-universe premise means that either the ship is working and they are all pretty comfortable in day to day life, or the ship is broken and they are all in imminent peril of death. There's no nitwit in-between.

(Just for those who haven't bothered to think about it: Loss of power doesn't use up the oxygen nor build up carbon dioxide levels, meaning room air will sustain life longer than the entire episode, much less the scene. Also, vacuum is an excellent insulator, so freezing will not happen immediately. Overheating might happen quickly, depending upon where the ship is, but this is the one peril that I don't recall ever seeing on Voyager. Probably because sweat is a hassle for the cosmetics crew.)
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