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Re: Harry Kim: Hero or Zero?

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I find especially interesting the part where Berman ordered the VOY cast to be as bland and militaristic as possible. It explains Harry's void and depressed look we saw so often on VOY. A look SFDebris makes fun of at length. lol
Interesting comment. To my eyes, Wang was the background character most likely to show emotion. (It was Beltran's Chakotay who was vacant when not in the spotlight. McNiell wasn't very reactive either.) Allegations such SFDebris' seem so far offbase as to make me think they are too offended at the prospect of identifying with Kim to see what's on screen. Kim was very much a token character, so near as I can tell it is only Wang's livelier portrayal that makes him stand out at all. I can't tell if being Chinese is the problem, or just being a geek. Reportedly Robert Duncan McNiell "couldn't" do technical jargon, which no doubt helped his character's image with a certain kind of viewer.

Maybe part of the apparent distaste for Wang on the producers' part has to do with not taking direction to tone it down? But then when Wang reportedly didn't bother to show up "on time" for a bit part it made it uncomfortably obvious how much a token Kim was? Or maybe it was having girls around, scandalizing a powerful prude on set? Well, the cause of that is lost to deception and we'll never know.

But Harry Hate is really strange. The character only played a major part in maybe a half dozen episodes out of 177!
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