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Re: Jaime Murray: Babe of the Week #17 (April 2013)

One of the sexiest most gorgeous actresses around.

I first saw her around 2004 on Hustle (a fun and well written show by the way) and subsequently on the short lived series Valentine where she played a modern day Greek goddess and then on Dexter. Loved her on Dexter. She was a good counterpart to his serial killer nature, a fun and exciting friend with benefits, and she had just the right amount of crazy. …until it became too much. Haven't seen Warehouse 13 yet, but I hear that she plays H.G. Wells and almost got her own spinoff.

I was surprised to find out that she was Bill Murray's daughter. …then I found it it was actually Billy Murray, a different person.

I also saw the pilot episode of Defiance and I was about an hour in before I realized which character she was.

Quite the transformation. A different look and a different accent. She really gets to show off her talent here. I wasn't impressed with the show, but I was impressed with what she managed to pull off.

She wanted to try roles in the U.S. after her success with Hustle and I think she's done well for herself so far.
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