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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

I saw it today. It was very visually enjoyable. I was never bored. The action scenes were minimal (this is a good thing to me). It revealed itself slowly, the plot.. but was so interesting to look at it certainly never felt slow. I loved the Iceland setting and I loved the cgi/fantasy of their living space (I want that view). It wasn't a tour de force in any way, more a tour of a post-apocalyptic world with questions slowing emerging as to what is really going on.

The negatives for me were that it got a bit soppy and went on a bit long, the silliness of Julia living on her own for several years and birthing a kid on her own.. I assume she dressed the kid in something she found since the kid appeared to be wearing very clean store bought clothes. I mean I get the sentiment of him setting her down there but if he failed it was hardly safer than living with people. Seeing the stupid Statue of Liberty torch for that brief second irritated me, just once an apocalypse I'd like that thing to be pulverized into the seabed.

Anyway.. for a very nice looking sci fi flick, nothing super original but I had no idea what was going to happen and I enjoyed it very much.

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