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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

But there's no wood to make wood from!

Janeway would have had to have gutted his ship of any Federation technology, replicators, transporters, unless she gave him a field commission and ordered him to oversee the the introduction of the mining colony into the Federation.

Seriously, with transporters, their ability to tap that asteroid dry goes form 60 years to 6 weeks, and 5 and a half weeks of that is probably possessing paperwork.

Meanwhile with replicators, if they're mining for something that can be replicated, is it me or have these squireling vermin just massive upswing in their quality of life? They can quadruple their quotas while only needing to apply a ten thousandth the man power digging through rock with a jack hammer requires.

"Yes I am your financial saviour, we can afford to buy a real planet now, so lets just spend our lives from now by the pool getting fat, and there is no good and no enchanted forest, spiritually the universe is devoid of metaphysicality. Please don't hurt me."
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