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^Give me a minute, I think I might still have some links that can let you fix that.

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Well to be fair, you background and service history do crop up in dialogue every so often, most prevalently in ME1, where you've also got background-exclusive side quests on the Citadel. And the service history adds extra dialogue to other side quests (for example you know Corporal Toombs personally if pick Sole Survivor.) They rarely get acknowledged in ME2, all that springs to mind is in news announcements (Shepard Memorial Plaza on Elysium for instance) and a followup email related to your ME1 background sidequest. There's more references in ME3, obvious one being Liara's holorecording of you (which also *dun-dun-dun!* acknowledges your class.) I also noticed in the archives in Citadel DLC the holo image next to Shepard is different depending on your background (it showed prefab buildings with bodies laying around for my colonist Shepard.) So yeah, lots of references to your background/service history, next to nothing for your class!
I wouldn't call that lots. Sure there's plenty in ME1, but it's not a trend they continued. For example, Jade Shepard was an Earthborn Sole Survivor and I hated that in ME2 there was no mention whatsoever of Cerberus's role in what happened on Akuze. Having a news report mention it was just like rubbing salt in the wound, as if Shep didn't even remember what happened.

As for the class, it would have been nice if there was an extra line here and there with certain characters with abilities/interests you have in common. Like that bit of banter about omni-tool preferences between Tali & Kaiden in ME3. Having an engie geek out about tech stuff would have been a nice touch. Or an infiltrator talking sniper shop with Legion and/or Garrus.

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Shepard only gets to speak to her/his mother if she/he is a spacer (in ME1 and ME3).

Not really sure why that's only applicable to a space-born Shepard.

From memory Traynor makes reference to you being a colonist if that's your background, and again she makes a reference to you being a biotic ahead of the Grissom Academy mission if that's your class.

Small potatoes though.
I think Miranda also mentions your background when she has her little insecurity speech. But yeah, diminutive tuberous root vegetables indeed.
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