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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Well just remember the holodeck had a power system that was incapatable with the rest of the ship, obvioulsy transformers/ power converters are a lost tech. After all I charge my DC powered phone from an AC supply.
Which is... stupid. We can integrate Borg systems, on DS9 Bajoran/Cardassian/Federation systems all work seamlessly, we can integrate Janeway's future godmode armor and torpedoes... but one part of the ship can't work with another part even when they're built by the same people and the same type of technology?

Which is more likely... that, or they just wanted to pretend they were roughing it while having their safe holodeck episodes to fall back on?
Oh I think we all know full well they only put that line in about the holodecks power system because the fans would call them on using an energy intensive system when they were supposed to be roughing it. (I believe TNG's "Booby Trap" details holodeck usegae when you are supposed to be conserving power)
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