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Re: Making the Intepid Class Prototype (Sternbach)

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...when I first saw the Intrepid concept, long ago, it gave me an idea fro a similar ship, but built using Excellsior components.

Lower the saucer (by getting rid of the neck - well, shortening it significantly) and flip the nacelle arm thingy upside down. Always wondered how that would look. (Maybe add some elements from the Centaur design from DS9...)

Just an idea I had.

ETA: I guess something similar-ish exists...but mine wouldn't be *so* different. And really, I'm not sure what would be all that different about a ship based on my idea would be from a regular Excellsior Class...but the Intrepid prototype made me think of it...
Thanks! Your idea sounds like a concept I did for a ship called the USS Colarado.
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