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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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So, Storm can use her wind control power to make people fly?
Claremont had her "carry" Colossus all the way to Russia once.

If she can knock over a city, then she should be able to keep some bugger up in the air for a touch without slamming them into a building face accidentally.

For Storms powers to work, I mean for this girl to be able to use those powers to fly, she needs a startling degree of invulnerability otherwise the hundred mile an hour winds that are allowing her to fly at a hundred miles an hour would snap most of the bones in her body, or her limbs in three places at the very least.

No to mention the cold.

Ororo beat Jean like once. They were matching telekenesis vs. wind with such intensity that Jean failed to notice that the ambiant tempreture was approaching -30.

If she outright just isn't tougher or denser than a regular human perhaps she is subconsciously creating electrostatic forcefields that are shielding her form impact damage and extreme temperatures?
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