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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Posted by Sazzy:
Ok, may as well plug myself too

You can find all my Voyager Music Videos here:

There's a lot of J/7, but there are also a fair few general crew videos, and even one P/T video

Oh, and I'm proudly displaying my shiny new plaques, courtesy of the Voyager Music Video Contest 2005:

Thanks to Cress and Saffron!
Sazzy! I LOVE your videos! Particularly the P/T one - Oh MAN! You GOTTA make another one of those! I had all my little kids I babysit sitting around the pc singing along! LOL
They didn't get the video, but they liked the music.


I've written one or two fanfics.....some aren't finished though. They include:

*A post-Endgame fanfic (unfinished)
*An over 18's story (I'm not really sure if it should be over 18's, but theres a wiiiitle bit of sex in there...)
*A Miral Paris story (a work in progress)

The Miral Paris story is my baby. I've done a lot on it, but I post it a little at a time.

The Voyager Quadrant

Now, I'm not a professional writer (I'm actually a mathematician!! )....but I do like writing fanfic. May also start a little Trip/T'Pol fanfic after exam time.....

Anyways, lemme know if you like it! I really appreciate feedback. Thanks.

p.s - B'Elanna, I love all your stuff! and everyone else. You're all so creative!
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