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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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Disney in particular is gung-ho about using all its IP in every way possible. ABC's development slate this year is full of Disney characters and theme park rides. (Hmm, this may be a good sign for a live-action Star Wars series?)
They also canceled Clone Wars. So it's too early to tell what they might do on TV.

As for uncanny valley, I think Aurora does a good job avoiding it. I can't say it's always 100% successful, but better than a lot of them.

I am not aware of any truly pro-level stuff done with Daz/Poser, although I hear it's popular for porn.
Myself, I think that the whole 'uncanny valley' thing is a load of bullshit, and then some; there were a ton of CGI cartoons produced in the last two decades (1990s and 2000s) that were done in the style of Aurora and nobody had a problem with them or objected to them (the best being Reboot, Max Steel, Action Man and Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, IMHO.) People have gotten too used to the Pixar funny people style, and so think that a show has to be like that, but it doesn't; the shows that I've posted examples of have shown that.
And the fact that you continue to talk about 90s cartoons and the uncanny valley only further proves that you don't understand what the uncanny valley is.
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