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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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A quick question: of the 71 voters, I wonder how many feel they can assess all 11 Doctors, and how many have only really seen the new series and are choosing only from the latest three??
The question is subjective. If someone has only seen the new show and feels Tennant is the best out of all three, then shouldn't his/her opinion be just as valid as someone who chose Tennant and has seen all Eleven Doctors in action?
Oh, the opinion's equally valid, for sure, but...
Someone who's seen all eleven Doctors can still vote for the last three, but someone who's only seen the last three can't really vote for the first eight. For instance, I voted for Troughton, but if I was naming my top three, there'd be a new series Doctor in there, and two in my top five. Whereas obviously someone who's only seen the new show would have trouble choosing beyond their top three... ;-)
It would just be interesting to know the breakdown. I'm sure that a lot of Tennant and Smith's votes come from people who've seen the lot (or everything that survives). And equally, that some of Tom, or Colin or Sylv's votes come from people who came in with the new series and worked back...
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