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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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here's the legal definition

Here is the relevant part

So explain to me how it isn't kidnapping?
Well in the UK

Kidnapping is an offence created by judges in the seventeenth century. The current definition is that kidnapping is an attack on or infringement of personal liberty, consisting of the taking or carrying away of one person by another, by force or fraud, without the consent of the person taken or carried away, and without lawful excuse.

So lets break it down

attack on or infringement of personal liberty, consisting of the taking or carrying away of one person by another

They were intending to carry the Ba'ku away.

by force or fraud

They were going to use a holoship to make them think they were still on their planet, sounds like fraud to me.

without the consent of the person taken or carried away

The Ba'ku weren't asked if they minded being moved

and without lawful excuse

Whist the planet might be within Federation space, it was settled before the Federation was founded and the Ba'ku weren't informed so they could seek redress through legal means.

Looks like the criteria has been meet.

And you don't need the ransom part, if you grab someone of the streets and move them 10 miles from that location and let them you go, you are still guilty of kidnapping. As that person did not give you consent to be moved.

well, the holoship was a stupid plan, like many parts of the movie. I don't really want to be put in the position of defending it as a good idea.

As I've written before in these threads, the Son'a screwed themselves by trying to be TOO clever and hiding the nature of their relationship with the Baku.

Had they approached Dougherty with the truth, the Federation could have openly asked the Baku to leave, either using the argument that it's a Federation planet, OR have the Son'a come in and remove the Baku themselves since the Federation would have regarded it as an "internal conflict."

Bottom line: the Baku-Son'a "twist" was a poorly thought out one that added MORE problems(how did the Baku win? Why didn't the Son'a return decades later and conquer? etc.) to an already deeply flawed story.
Not to mention the Federation going from extremely open society that practically treat the Prime Directive like religious dogma to tossing the PD out the window and make major policy decisions in secret (Ru'afo's rant and the secrecy of everything make it sound like nobody outside the council, Dougherty and his people, and the Son'a know what's is going on over there) and (given Dougherty's sharing the benefits of the mission with all the people of the federation line) are probably going to hoard the partials for themselves and the Son'a and tell the rest of the galaxy to suck it.
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