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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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Disney in particular is gung-ho about using all its IP in every way possible. ABC's development slate this year is full of Disney characters and theme park rides. (Hmm, this may be a good sign for a live-action Star Wars series?)
They also canceled Clone Wars. So it's too early to tell what they might do on TV
I have to wonder if the reason for that is that they might want to focus on stuff set closer to when Episodes VII-IX are set.
IMO, the show simply has run its course. IIRC, it was originally intended to run for 100 episodes--and it achieved that. Sure, it could have kept on going after leaving Cartoon Network, but now the opportunity presents itself to develop a new show (possibly to debut on Disney XD within the next two years, IMO).
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