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Re: Your own personal continuity

A few more of mine:
  • The 2280s Transwarp Project was a total failure, but it did lead to a refined warp scale by the time of TNG.
  • The Enterprise-A was originally the USS Yorktown (NCC-1717), a refitted Constitution-class ship that was crippled in Star Trek IV (the captain and crew of the Yorktown went on to a new ship with that name).
  • Starfleet is not a strictly military force but a multipurpose space agency modeled loosely after pre-Federation Earth's U.S. Navy.
  • "U.S.S." means "United Space Ship".
  • The TNG stardate system began in 2323.
  • During the TNG era, one-pip flag officers are branch admirals (admirals from non-command divisions).
  • Quite a few of the "new" ship designs first seen in First Contact have actually been around for awhile.
  • The Prometheus Class Starship Project actually was commissioned more than a decade prior to the Galaxy Class Starship Project but experienced multiple lengthy delays.
  • The "Warp 13" referred to the anti-time future in TNG's finale represented yet another recalibration of the warp scale.
  • The Intrepid-class starship is a multipurpose cruiser. It's variable-geometry warp nacelles was originally designed to allow it to maintain very high warp speeds, but this feature has since been discontinued in newer ships of this design due to improvements in warp engine efficiency and is no longer necessary.
  • The Sovereign Class Starship Project was developed to serve alongside the Galaxy-class, not to replace it.
  • The reason why the Borg have never sent more than one cube ship at a time to the Alpha Quadrant is because they are patient. They know eventually it will be theirs.
  • The Enterprise-J seen in ENT's "Azati Prime" comes from a future that has since been radically altered. The real Enterprise-J will not look anything like that.
  • The Temporal Integrity Commission allowed the Temporal Cold War to happen because they knew Jonathan Archer was key to ending it in the 22nd-Century.
  • Star Trek XI was an alternate universe even before Nero's arrival (the TIC also allowed that to happen as it would have no bearing on the Prime timeline).
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