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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Was fandom alright with the finale at the time cause it left plenty of questions out there?

Did they know a movie was allegedly forthcoming, thus they didn't feel like they were getting left hanging like the end of Farscape either?

This far in now and seeing how Asgardians influenced the Scandanavian peoples and Gou'alds became the embodiement of the Egyptian gods along with others like Babylon, Caananites, Hu is an Asian god then(?) and I think I recall a mention of Aztec or Mayan at one point right? I'm looking outward towards Atlantis and wondering if the reason no one can find it is because it was another alien race that just left as well, removing all traces. Not really wanting a solid answer but if I'm in the ballpark or way off base I'd take that kind of hint.
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