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Re: STID: The ‘Other' Starship / [Spoiler]

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I would like to talk about the speed of this ship. According to the web site TrekMovie, this new ship is said to have three times the speed of the Enterprise. Now, before the first movie premiered, I learned from the official film dossier that the Enterprise had a maximum warp speed of 8.

So, if the Enterprise has a maximum warp speed of 8, and the Dreadnought can go three times faster, than what is the warp speed of this ship? Does this mean this ship can go to warp 24? Or am I doing the math wrong?
Might be an early form of transwarp. Perhaps JJ decided to incorporate an Excelsior type experimental the way they did in ST: III. This is an alterate universe, so size and speeds from the prime universe don't apply here. The Enterprise can be bigger for any number of reasons beyond the obvious, that technology development accelerated after the Kelvin incident. We have to remember too that JJ made the Kelvin way bigger too, and it would have techically existed in the Prime universe.
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