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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

As I said earlier in this thread, I don't believe in any "definitive" layout of any Trek ship, because a fictitious ship like the beloved TOS-era Enterprise only "really" exists in the viewer's imagination, and no two imaginations are alike.

I'm continually impressed by how many alternative layouts are conjured up for the Big E, most of which are based on reasonable assumptions and with reasonable design goals.

Even in the TNG era, the Enterprise-D has had at least three "official" (or in Whitefire's case, almost "official") layouts: Whitefire's, Sternbach's as published in the 1990s and Sternbach's more recent effort as part of a project for Japan that was never fully released.

Franz Joseph's drawings predate all the hullabaloo about "canon." They were based on a set of assumptions that would almost certainly not be used today, but that makes them no less valid on their own merits.

I love 'em. Others love 'em. Some don't. No biggie.
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