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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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4x22-Full Circle: So the title refers to our return to Abydos? Is Daniel Jackson coming back? Both, what is full circle?
When originally written, the episode was believed to be the series finale, so Full Circls was meant to reflect that.
So this was intended to be the series finale?
Really, didn't feel that way at all but it does help with the title.

So it was a "Valentine to the fans" type series finale it seems. Did they think they might finish up the saga back on the big screen?
As I understand, the plan was to have a theatrical movie which would double the purpose of wrapping SG-1 up and setting up for Atlantis. But then SG-1 got renewed for another season and that got abandoned. Though the movie's storyline is worked into SG-1 later on.
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