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Re: Enterprise D hull question

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I'm surprised you are not trying to reconcile the thickness of the hull as shown by the windows in the interior scenes. You can just peruse through for screenshots. But if you're fixed on reconciling only on stuff that didn't appear on screen then more power to you to just use your imagination.
Actually, I have thought of using video footage of the sets, but there's a reason I'm more concerned with the technical references. Basically, the blueprints presume to give a generally complete picture of the essential ship... Really, it's a flawed approach because much of the technical details are inherently influenced by the visual details of the models and sets from the show. But I figured it was worth a try. I can deal with +/- 2' hull thickness if I must...

Actually, that reminds me... Maybe I should start another thread to get some feedback on my solution for the varying deck heights in the Sternbach plans.
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