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Re: Ever like a show but...

I can't say I loved the show but hated the main character, but I wasn't very fond of Jack for most of Lost's run, though I started liking him better over time. The first time I liked him was when he was Drunk Bearded Jack in the season 3 finale.

I don't "love" True Blood, but I did watch it and mostly enjoyed it (well, maybe not season 2) although I haven't bothered to see season 4 yet, but I probably will once I got the time. However, I find Sookie rather boring - I don't hate her or anything, but she's just not interesting, particularly with her relationship with Bill. Fortunately, most of the other characters are more interesting, like Lafayette, Jessica, Tara, Russell Edgington, Jason's girlfriend Amy in season 1, Sam once he stopped obsessing over Sookie, etc.

I've never liked Kirk much.

On the other hand, Buffy is one of my all-time favorite characters.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I could take everybody except "Whiny CryBuffy."
"Whiny"? Seriously? How on Earth was she "whiny"? Because she wasn't all smiley and happy after she died twice by the age of 20, risked her life every night to save people (and never got anything for that, unlike her Watcher who was at least paid), had to sacrifice people she loved, when her mother died, when her friends got murdered because of their connection to her, etc., all the while she continued to fight and save everyone year after year?

I guess it's just an example of points 4 and 5 in this old list posted once by someone on Livejournal on the topic of the treatment of female characters in fandoms:

1) Any female character who is as capable and unusually talented as the male characters is a Mary Sue.

2) Any female character who is not as capable and unusually talented as the male characters is weak and uninteresting.

3) Any female character who develops new skills over time is a Mary Sue, no matter how she learned those skills or how strong her motivation to do so.

4) Any female character who has bad things happen to her is just trying to be the center of attention.

5) If she ever complains about those things, she's also whiny.

6) Any female character who pursues a male character who initially rejects her is either predatory or pathetic. (Any male character who pursues a female character who initially rejects him is either charming or a tragic woobie.)

7) Any female character who rejects a male character who is beloved by fans is cruel and heartless, whether or not she has any interest in him herself.

8) Any female character who lacks serious character flaws is too unrealistic to be interesting.

9) Any female character who has serious character flaws is unlikable because of them, even if beloved male characters have the same or equivalent flaws.

10) However, the majority of criticisms of her will ignore those flaws entirely in favor of calling her a slut or a whore.

11) Any female character who actually has multiple relationships in canon is a slut or a whore.

12) It's infinitely more important whether a female character is a slut or a whore than whether she commits actual crimes or kills people.
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