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Re: Enterprise D hull question

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Does the hull plating thickness actually matter much?
IIRC the tech manual right, the Galaxy class is designed with empty space for later expansion, so the important point is the framework and the integrity of the structural units attached to that. The actual hull plates, except when carrying emitters, etc (and I'd gues they're attached to the main framework whenever possible), is just cosmetic.
In the grand scheme of things, it's not important. I care just because I had half an idea to model the frame as well as the hull and decks. In that case, it does matter. If Rick S. drew the decks 1' or 2' narrower than the hull (and the hull is really three or four feet thick), then the decks are too large and I have to cut out interior space. I haven't tried to determine the hull thickness by comparing how the decks fit on the Sternbach blueprints, though.

Of course, I'll resize the frame members before I cut down the decks, but if I'm going to model the hull and the frame, then I figured it was worth trying to understand the construction as accurately as possible. Thus far, I'm still holding to a thickness of +/-4 feet since I can't reconcile the tech manual descriptions against the more common assumptions of 2' or 3'.

It's nitpicking. But yeah, it's kinda fun.
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